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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 | 08:16 | 0 comments

How did I notice you ?
How did I walk toward you ?
I can't even leave you , Even I leave you behind and walk , The only thing is your image .
Those harsh words that you said before . 
If we didn't meet each other ,
Would it have been less hard ,
You are ... You're crying , You're baring with it ,
You lift your head , You smile painfully ,
Your glowing smile spreads across the entire of world ,
I miss you , I want to hug you , 
I want to be next to you even if it hurts , 
I want to make you happy .
No matter I try to be , 
Even I pretend it and push away , 
I miss you , I am running toward you ,
I knock you are suprised and smile , 
Don't cry , Don't leave , 
Stay here next to me ,
Because I Love You So Much .