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HUH ......
Monday, 10 October 2011 | 09:44 | 0 comments

I really dont know whats wrong with u dear , 
I loving u a alot cause u my friends dear , good - good friends , 
But , I think I wrong .. 
I'm sorry , i didn mean to hurt u , I'm just said what i'm think true , 
Like memyy said u really didn know how to take care feeling a friend when boyfriend with u , 
and when i'm with memyy u said that i'm ??
HUH ! 
Think positive la beb , Tak kan aku nak berkepit with u 24 hours ? 
soryy again , when u reading this , i hope u understands yeah ? 
take care of my feeling too ya friends ? i have feeling too , 
and , aku tak kempunan sangat lah kan pakwe - berpakwe ni .. 
Not my mean that tak de orang suka aku .