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Thursday, 6 October 2011 | 19:01 | 0 comments

I'm sitting alone waiting for my my family , 
I'm crying alone in my Quarters house ,
You like to take people that I'm love ,
I'm thinking why this happen to me ?
WHY ??
When I'm happy at here , when I'm cheerful at here , You must give me a bad news ,
I'm wondered if I'm was unlucky person in the world ,
After one and after one , You must make me cry ,
I know that I'm was a bad person , 
And I knew that thing already fate by You , 
And I'm wondered too even You always make me cry , always make me sad , 
I knew that You love me ,
Because this world and future owned You , 
And already decide by You . 

Lastly , THANK YOU for all this , for my perfect life .